3 Tips For Doing Laundry
Sep 21, 2018 // Home //

Laundry is an essential part of being an adult—how else are we supposed to get clean clothes, towels, and bed sheets? It is the key to a lot of things. Now, many of us know about reading the labels on clothing for what we need to do, so here are three not-so-common tips for doing laundry that will help you out even more than you thought they could!

Dryer Balls Not Sheets

A lot of people use dryer sheets when they are doing laundry to help fluff the clothes, provide a good scent, et cetera, during the dryer cycle. However, reports indicate you might actually harm your clothes by doing this too often. Instead, to perform just about the same function (e.g. reduce static cling) we recommend using a dryer ball (found alongside other laundry necessities). These come in shapes and animals, but all have rubber “spikes” which help agitate your clothes so they don’t cling together, but avoids unnecessary damage. They also last longer and are easier on the environment. You can also try making your own dryer ball with aluminum foil, but we suggest avoiding this for delicate fabrics.

Check Water Temperature

Are you washing your laundry in hot water? Warm? Cold? The temperature matters! Sometimes clothing will have specific instructions, though many times you can simply wash everything in cold water and it will be fine. That said, you have to ensure the laundry detergent you are using is meant to work in cold water—this is the only way washing in cold water will truly be worth it!

Use Laundry Bags

Do you have clothes requiring a delicate or permanent press wash? Try using laundry bags! You can put delicate items into these bags, stick the bags in the regular cycle with your other clothes, and still come out on top! This save energy, water, et cetera, and gets all of your clothes done faster, since you don’t need to run special loads of laundry.

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