3 Tips For Decorating Your First Home
Apr 20, 2018 // Interior Decoration //

Moving to your first home, whether it is a proper standalone house or an apartment, is a big step. It’s your space—you don’t have to consult with people (e.g. your parents) for choices in decorating. At the same time, having all this choice in front of you can be overwhelming. Before you really get into decorating, check out these tips:

Invest In Quality

Sometimes temporary furniture is nice to get you through a cash-strapped situation. However, we highly recommend looking for investment pieces. Look for what you truly love in terms of a bed frame, dining room table, couch, et cetera. This might cost a little more than you might want, but you are often getting quality pieces (e.g. real wood instead of laminate). This quality will last you longer, which helps make the cost worth it. In addition, if you truly love the piece, you won’t find yourself regretting or hating the furniture nearly as fast.

Go For Timeless

Sometimes trends are nice to indulge in. However, they can also cause issues if the trend goes really out of style! Thus, we recommend looking for timeless pieces, especially for big ticket items like your bed and couch. You don’t want to buy a trendy piece just because it’s trendy and wake up a few months from now to find out you really don’t like it or it has really gone out of style.

Remember To Budget

Of course, it is important to budget when decorating your first home, especially if you have to buy a lot of stuff. You want to ensure you get what you need! Not making a plan might leave you without things you need, without quality pieces, et cetera. Make a list of what you need to buy, and consider how much you have to spend. Research average prices and start to allocate your funds. Try building in a cushion for you to spend on anything in your budget, since not everything will be exactly what you expect.

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