3 Tips For Cleaning The Bathroom
Aug 31, 2018 // Home //

No one really likes cleaning the bathroom, do they? It’s not the most pleasant job in the world, that’s for sure. Even though it’s not pleasant, it still needs to be done. In fact, cleaning the bathroom even quickly on a frequent basis makes things much easier and less gross in the future. Want some tips? We have you covered:

Wipe The Shower Condensation

Every time you take a shower, the water will leave condensation on the walls of your shower stall. DO not let these droplets stick around! There are bathroom wiper blades you can use to quickly get the water droplets off the walls. Doing this after you shower helps stop the production of mould and other decay because of the humidity and condensation in your bathroom. It also helps you stop streaking or soap scum, depending on what you use in your shower.

Run The Exhaust Fan

We just mentioned the humidity in your bathroom after a shower can increase the production of mould and other issues. Want to minimize its impact? Turn on the exhaust fan in your bathroom when you step out of the shower. This will help disperse and suck up the humidity faster, which means it has less of a chance to compromise your bathroom.

Spray The Mirror

Your bathroom mirror can get dirty quite quickly, so it is important to spray it with glass cleaner and wipe it down on a regular basis. You want to remove specks of makeup, soap, et cetera that are often left on your mirror as a result of your regular activities in the bathroom. Even if you are careful, you might be surprised at what can end up on there! A regular glass cleaner would work just fine for this too—you won’t need something special for this mirror (just don’t use the glass cleaner for the rest of your bathroom).




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