3 Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors
Nov 23, 2018 // Home //

Do you have hardwood floors in your room? Regardless of where they are, whether its in your living rooms or in the bedrooms, it is important to maintain their quality and appearance. Your floors will experience wear and tear, spills, et cetera. There is no avoiding this completely, even with hardwood floors, which is why cleaning hardwood floors is so important. Not sure where to start? The good news is we have some key tips for cleaning hardwood floors ready for you:

Vacuum Regularly

One of the best things you can do is vacuum your hardwood floors on a regular basis—yes, they can still collect dust and such on them, just like carpets. While you can use any vacuum cleaner for this, we recommend finding one with an attachment specifically design for hard flooring (they will also vacuum tile and laminate). This ensures you are getting the best vacuum possible without damaging your floors. Always avoid using a vacuum cleaner with a turning device in the bottom intended to agitate the carpet to get more dust out. Using this on hardwood floors will introduce scratches and other damage.

Use Area Rugs

This is less about cleaning hardwood floors and is more about maintaining their quality and reducing the amount of wear and tear (slowing it down). We highly recommend using area rugs in high traffic areas, such as in the living room or down a hallway, so there is lessened impact on the hardwood floor itself. You can remove or move the area rugs as necessary—and you can even play up seasonal decoration with different area rugs for things like Christmas, autumn, et cetera.

Use High Quality Cleaners

Vacuuming alone won’t be enough to keep your hardwood floors in their optimum condition. You will also need specialized hardwood cleaners, sometimes even wax, to help keep the finish looking as close to how it did on the day you installed it. If in doubt, talk to the flooring experts who sold you the hardwood for their recommendation for that particular piece of hardwood.

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