3 Tips For Accent Walls
Aug 03, 2018 // Interior Design //

Accent walls are an increasingly popular trend when it comes to interior design and decoration. They are a great way to focus attention in a particular room. They are an extremely effective tool for most design strategies, so long as you wield them well. Looking to include an accent wall in your home? Here are three key tips to consider:

Shades Of The Same

One easy strategy for an effective accent wall is to use another shade of the same colour as the other three walls in the room. For instance, if three of your walls are a pale blue, try using a brighter or dark shade of blue. The colours will match well and still draw focus. Success!

Opposites Attract

Need an extremely eye-catching accent wall? Try going with the opposites attract rule of colour! By this we mean the colour wheel—find a nice picture of it. Then choose one colour you like and would want to paint three of your four walls in. Then, look on the direct opposite side of the colour wheel. What colour is opposite the one you just chose (e.g. blue is opposite orange)? This will be the colour of your accent wall!

Boldly Go

For this final strategy, we recommend choosing a bold colour for your accent wall, but going for something muted for the others to increase the contrast. The level of bold and specific colour depends on what you want to do with the other walls. For instance, black may not always be considered bold but it does provide a bold contrast when paired with white. Thus, remember your choice for the other walls when you decide on how bold you want to go! The final result might surprise you! Consider also the power a bright red can bring with a muted colour—there’s a reason people consider red lipstick a bold choice.

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