3 Tips For 10-Minute Cleaning
Mar 30, 2018 // Home //

Having a clean home is an underrated feeling. For many people, going to bed at night without dirty dishes piled up on the kitchen counters is such a calming influence!

Unfortunately, not everyone has hours to spare for cleaning their homes all the time. Many of us live incredibly busy lives, after all! The good news is you do not need to have a few hours blocked off in order to clean. In fact, you only need 10 minutes of cleaning time to make a difference! Curious about how to get a lot of cleaning done in 10 minutes? You have come to the right place! Here are three key tips for 10-minute cleaning:

Make A List

What does your home look like? What do you need to do to make it clean? Write everything down onto a list, even if you don’t think you can get it all done in 10 minutes. Remember to add details and separate activities when you do this. Don’t just put down “clean living room.” Separate it like cleaning clutter on the coffee table, vacuuming the floor, et cetera.

Once you have all the activities listed, put them in order of priority. What do you need to do? What might take more time? This will determine the order in which you tackle the activities during your 10-minute cleaning session.

Start, Don’t Stop

Once you start your cleaning session, do not stop until it is over. Kick things into high gear! A lot of the time wasted during cleaning is just taking a break or slowing down. With a 10-minute cleaning session, not only do you not have time for this, but you also don’t need a break if you are only cleaning for 10 minutes.

Stash It

Here’s where things get a little dicey. If you are really crunched for time, such as if someone is on their way over to your house, and you truly don’t know what to do, the best advice we can give beyond what has already been discussed is to stash as much as you can. No time to clean the dishes? Hide everything in the dishwasher! This sort of thing isn’t a permanent solution, but it can help tidy your place until you actually have time to deal with the situation properly (e.g. just throw kids’ toys into a bin and organize later, hide laundry and fold later, et cetera).

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