3 Things To Do Before Moving In
Dec 14, 2018 // Home //

Are you preparing to move into a new apartment or home? If so, you have likely had a long checklist of things to get done in your old space so you are ready for the new adventure. However, there are still some things you need to do with your new place before moving in. Wondering about what they may be? We’re reviewing the top three things now:

Document The State

If your new space is a rental, you should document the state of the space thoroughly before moving in. This means making notes and taking pictures for visual evidence. Why do you do this? It helps to have a picture of the state so you and your landlord know what damage already existed when you moved in—not documenting can open you up for charges down the line, not receiving your security deposit back, et cetera.

Clean The Space

Even though the previous owners or the landlord might have cleaned your new place before your move in day, you should consider doing some cleaning yourself. This helps ensure the space is cleaned to your standards, and chances are your cleaners are better quality (especially in terms of smell) than the cheap stuff many landlords and others might use. It also gives you the chance to clean things they normally don’t touch, such as cleaning the oven, the walls, et cetera. Things like washing the floors and wiping down countertops are standard, but other things might not be.

Change The Locks

This might require a conversation with your landlord if you are going to be in a rental, but regardless of if you are renting or you own your new place, you should make a point of changing the locks either shortly before or shortly after you move in. Why? You don’t know who the previous tenants/owners might have given keys to, so why risk some stranger being able to get into your space easily?

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