3 Simple Painting Tips
Nov 03, 2017 // Interior Design //

So you want to undertake a painting project. Whether you are just painting one section of a wall or the entire interior of your home, there are some important things to consider and keep in mind while you are painting. This will help ensure your painting project is both completed on time and with great quality. Here are three simple painting tips to help get you on the right track:

Measure First

How much are you going to be painting? Measuring the size of your project, whether it is big or small, is essential to its smooth success. You need to know how much paint to purchase at the store! The only way to purchase accurately is to measure the scale of your project first. As a general guide, most experts will recommend purchasing roughly one gallon of paint for every 400 square feet, with a little more required for textured surfaces or those without primer.

Clean The Walls

Your paint will not go on the walls too well if they are not clean—not only will the paint stick less, but it may also introduce uneven thickness, in the colour, et cetera. The only way to ensure this does not happen while you are painting is to thoroughly clean the walls before you begin. You want your canvas to be primed and ready for you! Cleaning is the critical component of this.

Watch The Waiting

Just because you have completed your painting project, does not mean you are ready to move all the furniture back to their original positions. When you are finished painting, wait at least 24 hours before you move furniture back into the room. You should wait longer to put pictures back on the wall—a week or two. Do not wash or wipe the walls until a month has gone by, as the paint needs time to really cure on your walls.

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