3 Signs It’s Time To Redecorate

Do any of the following things apply to you? Even just one of these is a sign you need to redecorate—all three definitely means now! Let’s take a look at the three major signs it is time to redecorate your home now:

You Didn’t Decorate

If you moved into this space and have now been living there for a little while without decorating (e.g. longer than a year) the space yourself—you are in desperate need of a new interior design! The space you live in should reflect you and the people you live with (if applicable). If none of you decorated the space, the time to do so is now!

No More Space

Do you find it hard to find space for your stuff? As time goes by, your possessions will change, even grow! If you find yourself struggling for space, one of the first things you should try is redesigning and redecorating your space. This can help you find space for additional storage! You may also wish to consider paring down your possessions, but trying to redecorate first will often do the trick.

Shift In Interests

Have you been in the same space for years? Do things look the same? Are you the same person? Our interests change over time, this is a fact, and sometimes the shift ends up compromising the usefulness of our home’s decoration. For instance, you might develop a talent and love for cooking, but your kitchen might be too small for you to really get into it as much as you might want to. If your new interests don’t play well in your current home, redecorating can help adjust the fit. For instance, you might need to change the layout or add a kitchen island to help with your love of cooking. You could also change the wall colours if something fits your interests and tastes better.

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