3 Signs Its Time For A Redesign
Oct 20, 2017 // Interior Design //

When you have been living somewhere for a little while, how do you know its really time for a redesign? How do you know when you need to change your space in order to keep moving through your life? While the specifics might shift based on the individual, there are some general signs indicating its time for a redesign, no matter who you might be. Here are the top three now:

Same As Move In Day

How long have you been living in your current place? Has it been awhile? A year? Perhaps two or three? 5 years? If you have been living somewhere for quite a while and everything in your home still looks like it did the day you moved in, you might want to consider changing things up. Maintaining the same paint colour, flooring, et cetera, can get very boring over long periods of time. Even keeping the same pieces of art on your walls years after your move in can be stale.

Feeling of Boredom

The feeling of boredom with your surroundings is an extremely strong indicator it is time for you to redesign your home’s interior. Identify, if you can, exactly what part of your home’s interior is causing you boredom. This can be quite helpful as you may only need to change up a little bit in order to make that boredom disappear—something your bank account will surely thank you for.

Change in Lifestyle

Has there been any significant changes to your lifestyle recently? This might be a new job, change in shifts, new roommates or family members, et cetera. If there have been significant changes, you may need to redesign your living space in order to appropriately accommodate these changes. This might mean having a guest room, home office, updating the furniture, or more.

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