3 Reasons Working Remotely Is Gaining Popularity
Jan 11, 2019 // Home //

Gone are the days when everyone had to be in the office for a certain time and leave at a certain time at the end of the day. Nowadays, there is more shift and flexibility in terms or work, its location, and working hours. One of the most significant instances of this is working remotely, which is gaining popularity every year. But why is working remotely getting so popular? Let’s review three of the biggest reasons:


Of course, perhaps the biggest reason employees love the option of working remotely is the flexibility it offers. Since they do not need to leave their home, they eliminate the commuting time, and can also adjust their working hours accordingly. Do they work better in the early morning? Its easy to “open” the home office whenever they wish.  It is also easy to briefly return to work later in the evening even after the main workday has ended, since you do not need to go anywhere.

Talent Access

For employers, offering the option for the employees to work remotely opens up their overall access to talent. Before the employer may have been limited to searching within a certain area to ensure the workers could all make it into the office, but with working remotely an option, they can expand the talent search. Who knows what might be out there?

Tailored Environment

Another reason why working remotely is gaining popularity has to do with how people can better tailor their working environment to what they need. In an office, there is little they can do since everyone has to be taken into account. For instance, you won’t be able to play music (unless it is with headphones, if this is allowed) since some people would want it quiet. You also won’t have control over the thermostat, may not be able to bring certain things to the office, et cetera. When working from your home, you are able to tailor your working environment to your exact needs. Want music playing in the background? You have that option. You can adjust lighting and do any number of things. If you have a pet, you are easily able to take a break and play or cuddle with them—studies show dogs are excellent at boosting your working ability!

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