3 Popular Interior Design Styles
Sep 22, 2017 // Interior Design //

The homes with the most appealing designs are the ones with cohesive interior design styles. This means the whole house was designed with a particular them or feeling in mind and each room reflects that in its own way.  If you are unsure on where to start, you have come to the right place! Here are some details on three popular interior design styles:


When you hear the term modern, what do you think of? In the case of interior design styles, modern refers to a design with clean lines, simple colour schemes, and materials such as glass and metal. One of the most popular words you will hear associated with a modern interior design is “sleek.” You won’t see wood, unless it is expertly and uniformly painted, in this sort of interior design.

While you will see some accessories and colour in this style, you won’t be overwhelmed as everything is quite simplistic. This is where you get pops of colour in throw pillows, accent walls, et cetera, rather than lots of colour throughout the whole home.


Minimalist interior design takes it foundation from modern design, but then extends it to be even more simple. The colour schemes in this style are neutral, and the furniture is simple and sleek. There is functionality in everything when it comes to a minimalist interior design style. There may be some colour, but it is almost always muted. The décor blends well with everything else in the home, and there is usually a lack of stark contrast.


Both of the previously discussed interior design styles are about sleek, neutral designs with metals, clean lines, et cetera. This is not the case with country design. With country, you can expect to see lots of natural wood in your home versus painted wood or metal. This often means imperfections and lines not nearly as sharp as those you would have seen in metal. While you can still go for a neutral colour scheme, you will also often see forest green, golden yellow, and various browns rather than white, black, grey, or light pastels in your home.

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