3 Kitchen Cleaning Tips
May 11, 2018 // Home //

Need to clean your kitchen? You have come to the right place! Cleaning your kitchen well is key, since not only do you need a clean space to making cooking easier, but you make your food there! Who wants to risk working in an unsanitary environment? Here are some key tips to remember when you want to clean your kitchen and some of the appliances well.

Counters First

Whenever you start to clean your kitchen, always remember to clean your counters, stovetop, et cetera first. Why should you always do this, you might ask? It is because you can accidentally knock stuff down onto the kitchen floor, like crumbs from a bagel. If you had washed or vacuumed your floor first, you will have just made it dirty again. Save yourself time and effort, then, by cleaning the high counters and letting whatever needs to fall, fall. You can end by vacuuming and washing your floors.

Natural Cleaners

Since you are cleaning in an environment where food is around most of the time, choosing the natural cleaning route is very helpful. You can easily find recipes for the cleaner of your choice, though it is important to note most of them include vinegar and baking soda to some degree, so it helps to always keep these items on hand. With a natural cleaner, you have less to worry about! Chemicals, even though you might clean it off the counter (e.g. wiping the cleaner and the stain away) can cause issues for you if you are not careful when dealing with your food.

Key For Blenders

Blenders and similar appliances are perhaps the ones people say are the hardest to clean. But are they? We actually believe they are among the easiest things to clean in your kitchen! The trick is to clean them as soon as you can. Once you take the smoothie or whatever you blended out, pour in a little dish detergent and some water. Then, go back to the rest of the appliance and blend the water and detergent as if you were making another smoothie! The blending action should make bubbles and clean away any residue from your smoothie. You might need to blend for longer or let the water soak first if you didn’t get to it right away.

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