3 Interior Design Trends
Sep 01, 2017 // Interior Design //

Are you thinking about redesigning a room in your home? What about your entire home? If you’re itching to change something, you will also likely want some inspiration. If you are so far unsure about how you want to change your space, consider the interior design trends making their way into homes around the world. These can help spark ideas, even if you do not take their advice directly. To help you get started, we’ve compiled details on three of the most popular interior design trends:

Call It Green

The colour of the year for 2017, according to many reports, is green. If you consult Pantone, it is “Greenery.” So, why not integrate green in some way into your interior design? This does not have to be on a grand scale, such as painting your walls green, but you can have blankets, pillows, and statement pieces in various shades of green within your home. Since you would have control over the specific shade or shades of green you use, you also control the overall feeling you get from the colour. Forest green, after all, is much different than lime green.

Terracotta Tiles

Do you know those basic, orange-brown pots you can find in the summer at your local garden centres and home hardware stores? These are terracotta pots! The material, terracotta, is now not only popular in these plant pots but also as tiles for your home. They are most popular in a matte finish, and make a perfect addition to creating a country home with intentional “flaws”, which makes the design appear a little more lived-in and real.

Defined Spaces

For the longest time, everyone wanted to have an open concept design in their home. This would give them an increased sense of space and line of sight! Good, right? While there is still nothing wrong with this, and some still enjoy having an open concept design, one of the most prevalent interior design trends these days is more defined spaces. This means separate offices and living rooms, and separate dinging areas to kitchens. This provides more privacy, and helps decrease issues with acoustics and cooking smells wafting throughout the home.

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