3 Interior Design Tips For Small Spaces
Jul 27, 2018 // Interior Design //

Sometimes trying to design small spaces is difficult since there is just less real estate to work with—or so many people believe. However, you can actually end up with better function and design in a smaller space simply because you have to get creative and really think about what you are including (or not including). The work can pay off in the end! Let’s look at a few interior design tips to really help you out with a smaller space:

Choose Pieces Carefully

Since you do not have a lot of real estate for your furniture, you need to think carefully about what you wish to have in your home. Many people turn to multifunctional pieces for this, and while it is a good strategy, it is not the only one. Think about how you use the space and what you need in order to make this happen. You might have to pick and choose, go with smaller pieces, et cetera.

Create Zones

Particularly with bachelor apartments, you will have spaces blend when working with small areas. This means littler separation between your kitchen, bedroom, living space, et cetera. However, creating zones and showing a division can actually help you feel as if your space is larger than it actually is. Thus, work at seamlessly transitioning the design to separate spaces like the entryway to the living space, to a dining area. You should work to keep this as seamless and simple as possible, because trying to have too much going on can introduce clutter, making your space look even smaller.

Neutral Palette

In terms of colour, the best thing you can do for your small space is to go neutral, particularly if you have to design an entire home or apartment with limited real estate. Part of the reasoning behind this is neutral colours have more power behind making a room look larger (e.g. off-white walls). Another, perhaps the most useful, is you can transition colours easier with a neutral palette, which helps you to create zones well (as discussed previously).

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