3 Elements of Minimalist Design
Jul 28, 2017 // Interior Design //

One of the most popular styles people use for their home these days is a minimalist design. The trademark for minimalism is clean, simple designs throughout your entire home. Some may only put this into practice with the interior design and decoration of their home, while many others will also extend this to their wardrobe and personal items as well.

Does minimalist design interest you for your home? Here are three key elements to keep in mind:

Let Building Material Stand

If you already have your home, what building materials were used? If you are about to start building, what materials do you want to use? Minimalist design starts from the very beginning! You can go a number of different routes with your building material, but it is important to consider what kind of feeling they give off. Simple and sleek is particularly powerful when it comes to minimalism. You can to avoid bright colours and instead opt for striking neutrals.

One Statement Piece

Minimalist design does not mean everything blends in together with no point of interest. That would, if you really think about it, get quite boring. You do want to choose neutrals for just about everything in your design, but for each room in your home, you can choose one statement piece. This helps boost the minimalist design and draw attention to one location. A particularly powerful way of doing this is adding a piece of furniture in one bright colour to the neutral space.

Simple, Functional Design

Minimalist design is simple design. This is what the definition boils down to. When choosing pieces of furniture and such for your home, look for simplicity and function if you want to have a minimalist home. Also consider you want to limit how many pieces you get, so think about if anything can perform more than one function for you.




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