3 Deep Cleaning Tasks
Jun 29, 2018 // Home //

There are cleaning chores you need to perform frequently, such as washing the dishes and doing laundry. This will help your home looking clean on most days. With that said, there are still things you should do to clean your home as part of a deep clean. This is something you can do every couple months, or every quarter, depending on your specific lifestyle. Here are three samples of deep cleaning tasks for your cleaning routine:

Vacuum The Furniture

Vacuuming the carpet and tiles in your home is something you should be doing a couple times a week, but other vacuuming tasks, like on your furniture, is something you often see in deep cleaning. You will need attachments for your vacuum, or a handheld vacuum, to do this well. We recommend doing this once every month or couple of months, even if you think your furniture looks clean—the results of vacuuming will surprise you. Of course, if you are a pet owner, vacuuming the furniture should be part of your regular routine, rather than your deep cleaning one.

Dive Into The Pantry

Every so often you should take a look at what you have in your kitchen cupboards, freezer, fridge, et cetera. This helps ensure you throw out spoiled food, have an accurate inventory of what you already have and what you need to buy, as well as organized cupboards! Finding what you are looking for, even in your kitchen cupboards, is infinitely more difficult if the cupboards are not well organized. Devise a system!

Perfect The Walls

You wash your floors on a regular basis, right? But what about your walls? Yes, you need to wash them too! The good news is this can be part of your deep cleaning routine rather than once a week, since it will take up some time. You can generally wash your walls with the same solution as you would wash your floors, or with a simple all purpose cleaner. Use a sponge or cloth to help you out. Pay particular attention to any scuffs you can see, but remember to clean all of the walls.

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