3 Creative Uses For Wallpaper
Jan 26, 2018 // Interior Decoration //

When most people think of wallpaper, they think of it as a way to design their walls instead of using any paint. This results in many old-school patterned walls in the home. However, there is more than one way to use wallpaper in your home than simply slathering it on every single wall around. Here are three creative uses to get you started:

Line Bookcases and Drawers

Use some patterned wallpaper matching the scheme in your room and line either the back of your bookcase or the inside of your dresser drawers. Lining the bookcase helps add a pop of colour and interest to the room—just be sure to make it match the colour (including the wood) in your space. Lining your dresser drawers does not add a lot of colour, since they will be closed the vast majority of the time. However, it does add some refinement to your interior design.

Frame Like Art

Sometimes there are truly gorgeous patterns when it comes to wallpaper. However, even with these designs, things can become too busy if you just cover every wall in the wallpaper. Instead, you can take a section of it and frame it like a picture before putting it on a solid colour wall. This adds interest to your space without being overwhelming to those looking at it.

Feature Wall

Remember the idea of painting one wall in a different colour than the rest to make an accent wall? You can easily create a feature wall by using wallpaper instead of the paint. Choose an interesting design and a paint colour to complement it. You can cover one wall in the wallpaper and then have the others in the room painted in a solid colour. It both pops with the pattern and blends well with the complementing colours.

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