3 Cozy Interior Decorating Tips
Dec 22, 2017 // Interior Decoration //

In the colder months, cozy interior design is more important than ever. With the bitter weather outside snapping against your face, making your fingers and toes icicles, and the fact you can see your breath in the air, no one really wants to hang out in a home that also seems stilted and cold. You need the warmth, both in the actual temperature as well as the feel of the room.

So what should you do if your space isn’t already a cozy one? Here are some key cozy interior design tips to help you on your way:

Pillows and Blankets

Closely associated with the image many individuals have of being cozy are plush pillows and soft blankets. Consider investing in the softest blankets and nicest throw pillows you can find and arrange them on your couch, armchair, et cetera. The coziness of your space is sure to climb instantly with these items added to the interior design and decoration.

Power of Curtains

Sheer curtains and blinds do nothing for the coziness of the room they are in. Sheer curtains actually increase the airiness, which is why they are often perfect for summer time interior design. To harness the true power of curtains when it comes to adding a cozy element to your interior design and decoration, try thicker curtains. In addition to the increased thickness, try making them floor to ceiling. This will often make a room look smaller, but they will also increase your warmth.

Area Rugs

What kind of flooring do you have in your space? These days, many people have hardwood or laminate flooring, neither of which lends themselves well to a cozy interior design. However, replacing your floors can be too large of an expense, and may not be worth eliminating otherwise gorgeous wood floors. Instead, turn to area rugs, particularly fluffy ones, to help add a cozy element to your space.


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