3 Common Interior Design Mistakes
Aug 25, 2017 // Interior Design //

When you are designing your own home and are not a professional, chances are you will make a few mistakes as you work. Everyone is human, after all! If you want to minimize the chances of making interior design mistakes, it is important to consider what ones are the most popular. The more you know, the less likely you will be to compromise the interior design of your home.

Starting With Paint

Many individuals decide to start with painting their walls and proceed to design the room afterwards, making everything match and play into the paint they choose. This is, however, quite difficult to pull off correctly, which is why many consider it one of the major interior design mistakes. Things like couches, fabrics, et cetera are harder to match with paint, simply due to product availability. However, it would be much easier to start with your furniture and fabrics, then looking for a paint colour to match.

No Budget

When you do not set a budget for your interior design projects, you will run the risk of spending beyond what you can afford, which can cause issues with debt in the future. No budget can make people think they can buy whatever they want, regardless of the price tag attached. Making a budget, on the other hand, will force you to make smarter decisions about what to include in your design, with regards to furniture, materials, et cetera.

Designing on the Fly

Ever started an interior design project without a plan of what you want to achieve? Though you might be able to get through something like this just fine, there is also an increased chance of higher costs, mistakes, and clashes in the design when you do not plan things out before you begin. Instead, consider what kind of interior design style you want to have. Will it be minimalist? Do you have a focal colour in mind? Is there a statement piece of furniture you love? Once you have your plan, you can begin. There may be shifts along the way, but a basic plan is far better than none at all.




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