3 Common Home Accent Ideas
Sep 08, 2017 // Interior Design //

If everything in your home was uniform, things would not be that interesting, would they? If your walls and floors were all the same colour, if they matched your couch, you will likely get bored very quickly. Your visitors would end up the same! This is why people include home accents in their designs. The home accents give people somewhere for their eyes to go. It peaks interest and increases the visual appeal of your interior design.

Stuck on ideas on how to include this idea into your home? Here are three common home accent ideas to get your imagination running:

Accent Wall

When people think of an accent in their home, chances are their minds will land, quite quickly too, on accent walls at some point. An accent wall occurs when three out of the four walls in a room are painted all one colour, but then the fourth wall is either a different shade of that colour, or another one entirely. In most cases, the three walls are light and the fourth is darker or brighter. Consider, for instance, three walls painted a pale blue that almost looks white, and then the fourth wall painted a bright sky blue. That is the perfect example of an accent wall.

Contrasting Materials

Another common way to add an accent in your home is to use contrasting materials in your furniture, countertops, et cetera. For instance, you can install a stone wall and contrast it with soft furnishing s and fabrics elsewhere in the room. You can also introduce contrasting materials through something sleek, such as shiny copper, to rustic touches (e.g. wood).

Statement Piece

Where do you want eyes to focus on when someone enters the room? This is often where statement pieces come in handy. They provide the accent both through their architecture as well as through colour. Imagine you have a room full of neutrals and then you see a bright blue chair in the corner. That is your accent!



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