3 Benefits Of Using Chore Charts
Oct 05, 2018 // Home //

Whether you are a parent with children you want to do some household chores, or an adult with roommates at university, chore charts are a great way to ensure all chores are done and done well. Let’s review a few of the benefits now:

Even Distribution Of Labour

When it comes to dealing with roommates, or splitting chores between multiple children, using chore charts helps ensure there is an even distribution of labour among who cleans in the house. For instance, you might assign dishes to one person, but taking out the trash to another. Many people also install a rule about the cook never cleaning when it comes to family dinners (if you eat on your own, that’s another story).

Teaching Responsibility

Want the best way to teach children responsibility? Try using chore charts! Yes, you can assign chores without the use of these charts, but the chore charts let you implement a constant and clear representation of what each child is responsible for. For instance, your chart may even include a system to show when each child completes their chore (e.g. through star stickers). The visual representation helps children understand they are meant to do these tasks in order to get the star, move up the completion bar, et cetera.

Keep Track

Every house or apartment needs many different things in order to function well. You’ll have to do the dishes to help keep the kitchen clean and ensure you have plates and such to eat off if. You will also need to wash your clothes and bedsheets, clean the bathroom, vacuum the floors, et cetera. With all of the chores you need to keep track of, its no wonder why things might slip through the cracks if you are only thinking about them. Keeping chore charts, beyond everything else, is a great way of reminding everyone what needs to be done. This way, no one can say they forgot to take out the trash, wash the floors, et cetera.


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