3 Benefits Of Black Paint In Interior Design
Jul 06, 2018 // Home //

When people paint their homes, they tend to go with either neutral tones or light colours (e.g. pale blue). Anything darker tends to be a bright blue, red, et cetera, and often only appears on an accent wall rather than a whole room. For the most part, people stay away from painting any part of their walls black, for fear of things like making small spaces look even smaller, among other reasons. However, black paint on your walls can actually be quite the powerful thing. Curious? Here are three benefits of black paint in interior design:

Dramatic Accent

Black paint can add a lot of drama to a room, particularly if you use them as your accent wall, with light (or white) walls to accompany it. The contrast is what adds the drama to your walls. The sharper the contrast, the more drama it will add. Of course, you can also use black paint as an accent in different ways, such as on the ceiling, trim, et cetera. The ultimate choice is up to you, but regardless black paint does add some intensity.

Sharp Sophistication

Did you know black walls and black as a colour in interior design in general is a mark of urban sophistication? This of course is at its sharpest with black paint on at least one wall, but you can also see it in the furniture, appliances, and other aspects of design and decoration. We, of course, would shoot for the blackest black, but there can be some tones and shifts based on the space itself.

Ceiling Emphasis And Echo

Did you know a black ceiling could be a powerful element in your home? It can perform quite a few different functions based on the specific black you choose, the room itself, and how you paint it in the end. You can, for instance, make a ceiling look taller or even shorter based on if there are edges and trim to it. A black ceiling, if it is in stark contrast to the walls, can add a significant amount of interest to the room. Which would be more interesting without any furniture in the room: white walls and a white ceiling, or white walls and a black ceiling?

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