3 Benefits Of A Kitchen Island
Aug 10, 2018 // Interior Design //

Do you have a kitchen island in your home? Thinking you might want one? Here are three key benefits of having a kitchen island as part of your kitchen’s interior design style:

Storage Space

If you (or someone else) designed the kitchen island properly, this piece in your kitchen provides additional storage space for things like pots and pans, plates, Tupperware, et cetera. You can even have drawers for cutlery, spices, and more. The possibilities for storage are endless! If you are building a kitchen island, consider what your kitchen currently lacks in storage space and design the lower half to rectify that. You don’t get this choice if you are just moving into a space with an island, though you are still likely able to adapt.

Meal Preparation

Do you find you are ready to cook dinner only to find you do not have enough space on your kitchen counters to chop all your vegetables and prep the meal?  This is where a kitchen island can come in handy. Regardless of the exact design, the islands provide additional counter space, which means you are able to prep meals better! Once again, you can design it according to your exact needs if you are building one yourself (e.g. you can only put a sink or move an oven).

Guest Seating

Do you like holding dinner parties? You should invest in a kitchen island then, since your guests can have a place to sit and chat with you while you are cooking. This way, you are not isolated from all the action! Someone needs to watch the food, but missing the rest of the dinner party puts a damper on things, does it not? Bring everyone together at a dinner party with a quality kitchen island!

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