3 Bedroom Cleaning Tips
May 25, 2018 // Home //

Having a clean bedroom helps you fall asleep at night, did you know that? The good news for you is, on average, the bedroom is the easiest room in the house to deal with. You can be thankful about that! Let’s discuss some of the key bedroom cleaning tips to make it even easier:

Remember The Mattress

Most people clean their bedsheets at least semi-regularly. But did you know you need to clean your mattress as well? The majority of people forget about this—and it’s important they don’t. Thankfully, you do not need to clean your mattress nearly as often as your sheets. Generally, once a year will do the trick.

Start by taking everything off the mattress, including the mattress pad. Gently vacuum the top to help get rid of loose debris. Then, we recommend sprinkling baking soda across the mattress and letting it sit for about half an hour or so. Vacuum your mattress again. You can now use a cleaner and a sponge to gently wash the mattress. Once you do this, turn on the fan and open the windows to let as much sunlight in as possible. You want the UV rays to help dry it quickly!

Declutter Regularly

Most of the mess in bedrooms is the result of clutter. This can pile up before you know it, which is why your bedroom can seem impossible to clean. This is exactly why we recommend decluttering on a regular basis. Go through your entire room and get rid of things every two weeks or so. This might mean throwing out paper or things like that, or it might mean going through your closet and dealing with the clothes you never actually wear.

Laundry Rules

Laundry is the backbone of cleaning your bedroom. You need to do it regularly to ensure you always have clean clothes, sheets, and even towels (but keep those in the bathroom). We recommend cleaning your sheets after a week of use (have a second set to switch them out with), and laundry whenever you have a full load. For the best cleaning results, we highly recommend you put away your clothes and remake your bed as soon as the clothes are out of the dryer and the sheets are ready. Your bedroom will immediately look 10 times better when your bed is made and your clothes are put away.

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