3 Bathroom Cleaning Tips
May 18, 2018 // Home //

Ready to clean your bathroom? Here are some tips to make the process much easier—no need to thank us!

Tablets For The Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is perhaps the most unpleasant cleaning task in your home—or so most people will say. The good news is it doesn’t have to be so bad! You just need the right strategy. For this particular trick, all you need is either antacid or denture tablets. You will need either one or two, depending on their strength and the severity of the toilet and the need to clean. Drop the tablet into the toilet bowl and let it dissolve for about 20 minutes. Then, take your toilet brush and briefly scrub as you would with a regular cleaner. Then flush the toilet—it’ll be sparkling clean now!

Start With The Tub And Shower

When you clean the bathroom, you should start with your tub and shower. Regardless of the cleaner you use, whether it is store bought or homemade, spray it all over the tub. Don’t wash it away just yet though! Let the cleaner stand for a little while—doing this makes scrubbing much easier for you! We recommend letting it stand for roughly 20 minutes. While you wait you can work on other areas of the bathroom (or your home). Once the waiting time is up, you can scrub and rinse as normal.

Lemon For Hard Water

Do you live in an area with hard water? Do you notice stains on your faucet or other metal parts of your bathroom? They are notoriously difficult to clean…unless you know exactly what to do! Our tip is to use a lemon. Just cut a lemon in half and scrub the exposed part onto the hard water stains. This will both clean the stains and make your bathroom smell nice. You can use this on your shower head as well. If you have a tough time with the lemon, or don’t want to buy an actual lemon, you may also use pure lemon juice. You will, however, need a cloth for this option.


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