2 Tips For Green Cleaning
Dec 28, 2018 // Home //

Whether you are trying to reduce the number of chemicals you use in your home because of a skin sensitivity or allergy, or if you have small children in the home, green cleaning is the best option for you. Green cleaning means using natural products to clean your home instead of harsh chemicals found in many commercial products. Not sure where to start? Here are two tips for you to consider when it comes to green cleaning your home:

Read Ingredient Lists

If you want to start your green cleaning adventure with commercial products, you are going to need to read the ingredient lists carefully. There will be some products marked “green,” but you should still pay attention to what they put in it. If it is not something you recognize, you should consider finding another product to try.

Once you get a hold of what ingredients are good and which are not, you can likely lessen the reigns on reading ingredient lists, but only a little. You can to make sure you fully understand each of the ingredients in the products you are using.  This is one of the major keys behind green cleaning!

Try Natural At Home Recipes

Of course, the ultimate way to engage in green cleaning is for you to try natural at home cleaning recipes for things. For instance, you can make a nice baking soda paste to clean inside the oven. You can also use vinegar to descale calcium buildup from things like the kettle you make tea in, et cetera. Make a list of the typical commercial products you use to clean your home and look online for natural alternatives for these commercial products that you can make at home. Before you know it, everything you use to clean your home will be green!



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