Tips on Hiring Modern Home Design Professionals
Jun 19, 2013 / Architecture, Dream Homes /
  The concept of home design is getting more popular as people are starting to realize the necessity of having a place that will also serve as a haven away from busy schedules. Everyone wants to be comfortable in their own homes, and modern home designers can certainly deliver what you’re looking for.   A lot of home design specialists have different services to offer their customers. They specialize in designing a house to a certain theme that is preferred by the client. When thinking of having your ...
Buying Unfinished Furniture – All You Need to Know
Jun 03, 2013 / Furniture, Interior Design /
If you want to really express your creativity and uniqueness in your home furniture, then buying unfinished furniture will be a great option for you. It will be great to have furniture that is unique and special just for you with a completely personalized design and style that suits just you and your home. Aside being able to express your creativity, there are also other benefits of buying unfinished furniture rather than the finished ones. The unfinished furniture is usually less expensive than the finished. This ...
Achieving the industrial look in a new build house
May 14, 2013 / Interior Design /
When introduced and applied discriminatingly, industrial design elements can make the native interior design architecture positively sing and vibrate with new and unsuspected chords of relevance and meaning. Think along the lines of old factories and warehouses and you’ll get the idea of where this mindset is coming from. All across Europe, communities that were once dominated by grim industrial urban spaces of centuries ago, especially along the canals and rivers, are reclaiming their past. They are transforming and revitalising it through refreshing new design approaches ...
Small bathroom design ideas to help maximize your interiors
Feb 11, 2013 / Interior Design /
Space is arguably the most premium commodity and when it comes to big city dwellings and studio apartments, it is all about maximizing what is on offer. While a small bathroom might seem far from ideal, there is no reason for it to be clumsy and uncluttered just because there is lack of room. With some creativity, simple tricks and a few daft design ideas one can turn that tiny little room into a visual treat as well. Here are a few ways of making the ...
How to create a safe room
Feb 08, 2013 / Architecture /
We all should have the right to feel safe and protected in our homes, but there can be circumstances (be it a natural disaster or threats from criminals) beyond your control where this does not prove to be the case. In such instances, it is a good idea to have a safe room that you can access. As you may have figured out from the name, this is a secure part of a home where an owner retreat to in the event of a break-in or ...
Wipro set to build campus for 30,000 employees despite slow growth in real estate market
Dec 07, 2012 / Architecture /
While the rest of the world is cutting back investment and liquid cash that was marked out to flow into the real estate industry, it seems like one of India’s largest IT firms is going in the opposite direction as it plans to build an exclusive and extensive new campus in the city of Bangalore. Wipro is one of the biggest software exporters of South East Asia and has been a pioneer in the industry for more than a decade now and their latest project aims ...
How to identify an antique pool table
Oct 23, 2012 / Furniture /
While the gaming industry has moved on and turned everything into ‘digital’ fun, there is still great charm that comes attached with a simple and elegant pool table. There is a wide range of pool tables in the market today and since they are generally mass produced, many of them have the similar look and style. Of course, there is still a great difference between a quality high-end pool table and an ordinary one. But the real treasure chest lies in finding an antique table that ...
Nice shelves for a tidy desk!
Oct 23, 2012 / Furniture, Interior Design /
The corner office in the house is small, it must be resourceful to keep it tidy! Between papers, magazines, books and office supplies, it is useful to add a few shelves above the screen in order to cram everything! And to make them as aesthetic practices, discover some tips below in pictures! 1. Think big! Feel free to add as many shelves as your wall above and around the office you can! Do not hesitate to put ceiling! It was always something to store! Indeed, in terms of ...
Architecture industry back on its feet and on the path to recovery
Oct 23, 2012 / Architecture /
The economic crisis that gripped the west in 2009 and then spread across the Atlantic to Europe and rest of the world has had a severe impact on many business sectors across the spectrum. While the likes of aviation and tourism took a big and well publicized hit, there were many other sectors that felt the pinch too. Design, construction and architecture sectors took a severe hit too as nations started concentrating on spending their resources on only the bare essentials while cutting down on the ...
Lisboa furniture range by Utopik Design
Oct 23, 2012 / Furniture /
Inspired by the hand painted ceramics from Portugal, the range Lisboa from Utopik Design -- a product design agency, has just been unveiled. With blue ceramics and light wood intertwine to create a successful blend of modernity and traditions for this comprehensive (dining table, bench, dresser and wardrobe) furniture seems like a very inspired move. By deconstructing the repetitive graphics tiles, however, the agency "wanted to keep techniques implementation of tiling with visible joins. So the wood veneer is treated the same way by cutting piece ...