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3 Popular Interior Design Styles
Sep 22, 2017 / Interior Design /
The homes with the most appealing designs are the ones with cohesive interior design styles. This means the whole house was designed with a particular them or feeling in mind and each room reflects that in its own way.  If you are unsure on where to start, you have come to the right place! Here are some details on three popular interior design styles: Modern When you hear the term modern, what do you think of? In the case of interior design styles, modern refers to a ...
4 Nursery Design Tips
Sep 15, 2017 / Interior Design /
At some point during your pregnancy, you are going to want to design your baby’s nursery. This is certainly an exciting time in your life and many will want to do everything they possibly can to get ready for the new addition to the family. If this is your first child, however, it may sometimes be hard to know exactly what you want—people with at least one other child have a better chance of identifying their needs based on experience. To help calm your nerves ...
3 Common Home Accent Ideas
Sep 08, 2017 / Interior Design /
If everything in your home was uniform, things would not be that interesting, would they? If your walls and floors were all the same colour, if they matched your couch, you will likely get bored very quickly. Your visitors would end up the same! This is why people include home accents in their designs. The home accents give people somewhere for their eyes to go. It peaks interest and increases the visual appeal of your interior design. Stuck on ideas on how to include this idea ...
3 Interior Design Trends
Sep 01, 2017 / Interior Design /
Are you thinking about redesigning a room in your home? What about your entire home? If you’re itching to change something, you will also likely want some inspiration. If you are so far unsure about how you want to change your space, consider the interior design trends making their way into homes around the world. These can help spark ideas, even if you do not take their advice directly. To help you get started, we’ve compiled details on three of the most popular interior design ...
3 Common Interior Design Mistakes
Aug 25, 2017 / Interior Design /
When you are designing your own home and are not a professional, chances are you will make a few mistakes as you work. Everyone is human, after all! If you want to minimize the chances of making interior design mistakes, it is important to consider what ones are the most popular. The more you know, the less likely you will be to compromise the interior design of your home. Starting With Paint Many individuals decide to start with painting their walls and proceed to design the room ...
How To Decorate Your Dorm Room
Aug 11, 2017 / Interior Design /
So you are preparing to move away to college or university for the first time. This is certainly an exciting milestone in your life, though it can also be a nerve-wracking one for many people. One thing that can often make the transition better is to live in the university dorms, where there are many other people who are in the same boat. They can sympathize! When you have your room, however, it often looks quite boring and bare. Make the space fit you and ...
3 Strategies For Designing Small Spaces
Aug 04, 2017 / Interior Design /
Whether you are trying to design a new apartment, room, or your house, designing small spaces can be quite challenging, even for an experience designer. After all, there are certain necessities regardless of where you live, and you will still have to make sure everything you need fits in the space. To that end, here are three effective strategies to keep in mind when you are designing small spaces: Choose Colour Carefully The colour of your walls plays a significant role in the size of the space. ...
3 Elements of Minimalist Design
Jul 28, 2017 / Interior Design /
One of the most popular styles people use for their home these days is a minimalist design. The trademark for minimalism is clean, simple designs throughout your entire home. Some may only put this into practice with the interior design and decoration of their home, while many others will also extend this to their wardrobe and personal items as well. Does minimalist design interest you for your home? Here are three key elements to keep in mind: Let Building Material Stand If you already have your home, what ...
5 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Make Your Home Feel Happier
Jul 10, 2017 / Interior Design /
Interior design is about more than aesthetics. You may not realize it, but the design of your home has a significant impact on how you feel each day. We explain the science behind five simple ways to boost happiness and reduce stress through interior design. Adjust Your Lighting According to this study, the lighting and colours of a workplace influences how workers feel during their day. Rooms that were too dark brought down the moods of their occupants, but so did rooms with excessively bright lighting. The same ...
Four Qualities You Really Need in an Apartment
Jun 22, 2017 / Interior Design /
Many people view apartments as way stops on the road to buying a home. However, even if that is true, there is no reason that the "home of the moment" cannot reflect your tastes and meet your needs. Are you in the market for an apartment? Here are four qualities to watch for in your search: What is the building's reputation? Just as you would not want to venture into a part of town that is dangerous, do some homework to find out whether your new ...